MediAxay is a total Hospital Automation Software to manage a hospital and the product is modular in nature with the following modules


Security Module

Deals with controlling the access to the information available in the application. It deals with the user level security to the different modules/functions.

Patient Information System

Provides the users the facility to streamline the Patients database in a hospital dealing with a large variety and number of patients.

Forms under PIS are-

Reports of the Patient Information System Module

The reporting module helps us to generate different types of reports for all the modules. The records, which have already been inserted previously in the database, can be viewed with the help of the different reports.

Cash and Billing

Module deals with definition and administration of rates of services, discounts applicable and packaged services offered. It also takes care of invoices, cash memos, receipts and refunds.

The Cash & Billing module deals with

Reports of the Cash& Billing Module are

The Material Management System deals with

The forms of Materials Management System are

Some of the Reports of MMS Module

Pharmacy Management System

Automates the medicine inventory of a hospital. It maintains Cash /Credit sale of medicines to out-patients. It also maintains medicines issued to in-patients and the purchase activities of the pharmacy. This helps to minimize the inventory value and inaccurate billing.

Laboratory Management System

Can Automate Reporting for Investigations, handle Laboratory Inventory Management and scheduling, generate Billing for the services generated at the lab. It reduces the manual efforts required to prepare the laboratory reports. The operations of the laboratory are scheduled so that the laboratory facilities are utilized effectively.

Radiology Module

Allows the efficient management of both the patients and the radiology departments’ workflow. Every step, from the radiology test request (x-ray, MRI) to the distribution of the patients’ reports is monitored, organized and streamlined.

Nursing Management System

Covers all required demands of a modern and efficient nursing documentation of a hospital or healthcare facility.

Hospital Canteen Management System

This module manages the Canteen of the hospital in order to provide hygienic meal to the patients, attendants, hospital staffs. The module facilitates and maintains the quality and on time supply of food to the patients, attendants and the staff of the hospital.

House Keeping

This module automates the housekeeping job of the hospital system.

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